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California Demands Everyone Drive Electric Vehicles, but Can’t Even Keep the Lights on

Federal Agencies say that the Earth is missing 2/3 rds of the minerals needed to make lithium batteries and that wishful thinking is NOT going to make the missing thirds magically appear. Of the 1/3rd that does exist, 90% of it is inside of nations that hate the USA and that wishful thinking is not going to make those nations become political friends with the USA. In other words, to make all cars run on lithium batteries you need to find two more whole Earth’s in space and mine them at a cost of 900 trillion dollars; an almost impossible task. By the time you do all this to get enough lithium battery minerals, the batteries will be so expensive that consumers will have to pay, at least, one million dollars per car. Each year that the tiny amount of rare earth metals gets mined, the price of that material doubles. Even a child can see that the economics of this are a fools errand. On the other hand: Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and all other non-Detroit car companies, have hydrogen fuel cell cars which get their energy from either water or any organic waste, of which the supply is endless.

The next generation Energy Casette will use Quantum Energy. Quantum Batteries beat all other energy storage and solve all of the modern energy storage needs.

Per research from The Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems in Como, Italy; The Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Milano, Italy; The Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems in Daejeon, Korea and NEST in Pisa, Italy; Micromasers provide an excellent model of quantum battery. A highly excited, pure, and effectively steady state of the cavity mode, charged by coherent qubits, can be achieved, also in the ultrastrong coupling regime of field-matter interaction. Stability of these appealing features against loss of coherence of the qubits and the effect of counter-rotating terms in the interaction Hamiltonian are also discussed.

Researchers have made significant progress towards creating a new type of battery charging technology, which could hold the potential to revolutionise energy storage.

Quantum batteries use the same bizarre properties of quantum mechanics that make next-generation quantum computers possible, though instead of vastly increasing the processing power of computers they could enable instant recharging.

A team comprised of scientists from the Institute of Basic Science in Korea and the University of Insubria in Italy made the breakthrough towards realising this technology by making use of a quantum mechanical system known as the micromaser.

It uses an electromagnetic field to store energy charged through a stream of qubits, while simultaneously protecting against the risk of overcharging.

The researchers described a micromaser as “an excellent model of quantum battery”, and successfully demonstrated that the charging process is faster than classical charging.

The South Korean researchers have already calculated that quantum battery technology could reduce the home charging times of electric cars from 10 hours to just three minutes, while supercharger stations could fully recharge a vehicle in just 90 seconds.

Scientists noted how a quantum battery’s charging time actually decreases as the battery’s size gets bigger.

This is due to a phenomenon known as quantum speedup, which relates to the way the molecules become more entangled as the battery gets bigger.

This allows them to charge collectively as a whole, rather than charge in parallel in the way that classical batteries do.

Scientists hope a new era of ultra-efficient batteries will arrive, transforming the way we use everything from smartphones to electric cars. Some of the UAP’s, observed recently, may be using early forms of this power solution.

How did the Silicon Valley Cartel create a monopoly and black-listing blockade against small inventors? See more at: https://usinventor.org/

Some of the most famous corporations and entities in the world, have cited our inventions, in their federal patent office submissions and filings, as the original inventions that they took their own ideas from for their products. Their federal records verify that our inventions were first, before their product ideas. Per www.uspto.gov, these include: Sony Pictures, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Intel Corporation, Virtual I/O, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation – IBM, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Limited, Philips Electronics N.V, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd, Vpl Research, Inc., Sony Corporation, General Electric Company, At&T Corporation, Medialab Services S.A., Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., The Procter & Gamble Company, Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Technology, Inc., Sony Uk Ltd, The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois, Sun Microsystems, Inc., California Institute Of Technology, Micron Technology, Inc., Sony Broadcast & Communication, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Rockwell Collins, Inc., Renault Visual, Google, Inc., YouTube, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., Yahoo, Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., Lsa. Inc., Ford Motor Company, Nvidia, Inc., Xerox Corporation, Apple, Inc.

and many more…

A number of these entities called us up, asked to look at our technologies, signed NDA’s yet copied our technologies, without paying, and made billions of dollars in profits. It costs over $3M in legal fees, up front, to sue each infringer. Since they each employ armies of deflection lawyers and years of delays ( Per www.usinventor.org ), it is sometimes easier to use Congressional and law enforcement RICO/anti-trust laws to put them out of business or gut their stock valuations. We have always made certain that the cost of the theft and harms is far greater than the small compensation that they owe us. It is always better for them to pay their bills than to rip us off.

Protected by multiple patent, trade-secret, NDA and IP filings.

Who uses this intellectual property and cited it, on federal records, as our seminal creation prior to their use of it in commerce?:

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